What we do?

We Help Women Holistically! We help find
the “NEW YOU”

We are dedicated to providing transformative mental health support and empowering women to achieve optimal well-being. Through our innovative approach, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized and effective mental health care.

We Provide the following:

Calm Retreat

Theta Chamber

The Theta Chamber takes a holistic approach to mental health by addressing not only the symptoms of depression but also the underlying imbalances in the mind, body, and spirit. It promotes overall well-being and supports individuals in their journey towards long-lasting recovery.

Pioneering Stimulation

RTMS Therapy

Are you searching for an innovative and effective treatment for your mental health concerns? Look no further than Quantum Mental Health Wellness Center, where we offer an advanced therapy known as Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). rTMS is a groundbreaking non-invasive procedure that has shown remarkable results in treating a range of mental health conditions.



AO Scan is an advanced biofeedback system that utilizes electromagnetic frequency technology to assess the body’s energetic imbalances and provide insights into your overall health and well-being. It operates on the principle that every cell in our body emits a unique electromagnetic frequency, and by analyzing these frequencies, AO Scan can detect subtle imbalances and potential areas of concern.
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